Our Story

Priya Communication is an advertising agency spearheaded by Anoop Khanna in the year 2000. It is headquartered in Guwahati, Assam and has established itself as the pioneer in advertising and branding across all the states in North-East India Over a span of two decades, Priya Communication has amassed extensive experience and recognition across sectors, positioning it to be the go-to agency for all your advertising needs. Branding takes on a fresh connotation at Priya Communication, where a thorough analysis is done on the brand and its incumbent positioning

Innovating Market

Priya Communication pioneered the branding and advertising space for corporates in North-East India and was the first to design and execute the first electronic graphic animated moving board in the region. We remain the first and only agency to install neon signs on the most prestigious government, financial and private buildings


Competitive advantage is everything today and at Priya Communication, we bring drive, direction,

We are trailblazers, think out-of-the-box and curate your branding journey for maximum recall.

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