Apne Desh Ko Jano

Apne Desh Ko Jano started off as a campaign, that was heralded by a fashion show in 2013 in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Guwahati in association with the Ministry of Textiles and ARTFED, with the aim to create awareness among the government, civil society organisations, consumers and tourists about Indian handicrafts and thereby create demand for it. It soon began to aim at creating a space for learning, sharing and experiencing India, connecting diverse communities for an inclusive India, bringing marginalized sections to the mainstream and instilling the spirit of Indianess across the globe. Its primary objective is to provide a platform to create awareness and challenge fellow citizens through quizzing and games, events, con-certs and tours in various parts of India. ADKJ publishes and shares India centric learning contents in various formats - print, traditional media and social media. The core idea is to blend the essence of India with lifestyle & entertainment. ADKJ plans to make each & every citizen of the country the Brand Ambassador of the brand while instilling a sense of patriotism and wonder for India.

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